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  •   AAOU Annual Conference in Lahore, Pakistan

  • Abstract Submission for AAOU 2019 Deadline Has Been Extended to 15 June 2019 

  •   Call for Nominations for 2020-2022 AAOU President and Members of the Executive Committee 

  •   Latest News

  •   OUSL Awards Staff Exchange Fellowship to Dr. Aminudin Zuhairi and Dr. Jeetendra Pande/strong>

  •   Chancellor Bandalaria Speaks at 7th Asia-Europe Foundation Rector’s Conference in Romania/strong>

  •   UPOU wins Gold for Community Outreach in eLearning Forum Asia 2019/strong>

  •   SUSS celebrates its 14th Anniversary and Teams Up with IAL to Advance Adult education

  •   Dr. Jeetendra Pande Won IGNOU’s Gold Medal Award for Innovations in ODL

  •   MANUU signs MoU with Al-Mustafa International University, Iran

  •   MANUU Holds a National Seminar on Islamic Studies

  •   OUM Will Offer Two Fully Online Programmes in May

  •   ACD-MBA Program to Promote Multi-Lateral Collaboration Amongst ACD-University Network

  •   Open University Malaysia Hosted ICE2019

  •    International Conferences

  •    Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University  to hold International Conference on Distance Learning

  •    OUHK holds the 2019 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2019)

  •   ICDE to hold the 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning 

  •   Anadolu University to Host the International Open & Distance Learning Conference on 14-16 November 2019 

  •   Singapore University of Social Sciences to Host ASCILITE 2019

  •   Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University to Hold a Two-Day International Conference on 20-21 December 2019  

  •   Staff Exchange Fellowship Programs

  •   Universitas Terbuka Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •   Korea National Open University Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •   National Open University, Taiwan Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •   Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •   Open University of Sri Lanka Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •     Shanghai  Open University Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •     UP Open University Offers Staff Exchange Fellowship Programme

  •   Asian MOOCs

  •    CUK’s “Quick Korean” Now Available on AAOU MOOCs

  •    HOU’s “Effective Teamwork Skills” is now available on AAOU Asian MOOCs MOOCs

  •    HOU’s “Introduction to Vietnam’s Culture” is now available on AAOU Asian MOOCs

  •    HOU’s course on “Law on Criminal Procedure” is now available on AAOU Asian MOOCs

Educating the World through Asia

Founded in 1987, the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) is a non-profit organization of higher learning institutions that are primarily concerned with open and distance education. It strives to widen the educational opportunities available to all people in Asia and to improve the quality of the institutions in terms of their educational management, teaching and research. It promotes education by distance teaching systems, as well as professional and ethical standards; develops potentialities of open and distance education; cooperates with official bodies and others directly or indirectly interested in education at a distance; and facilitates cooperation with other similar regional and international bodies.

The AAOU membership consists of Full and Associate members. Our members share a common belief that the development of distance education can be obtained through friendship and close exchanges among institutions of open higher learning.

The AAOU Annual Conference, hosted in turn by member institutions, is a stimulating forum for all those associated with open and distance learning in Asia, particularly academics, administrators and students. It provides a focal point for bringing everyone up to date on the issues, ideas and developments in the field of open distance learning.

AAOU 2019 in Lahore, Pakistan

AAOU Annual Conference (AAOU 2019) will be held at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan on 14-16 October 2019.

Conference theme: “Open Distance Learning: 2020 and Beyond”


  • Next Generation Education Technologies/ Innovations 
    • Educational Technology and Technologies in Education
    • Technology Hardware and Soft wares in Education/ Technological Innovations Coming to Education- Present and Future
    • ODL for blending Individualized and Collaborative Learning
    • Connectivity of Pedagogical/ andragogical theories and Technology
    • Trends in Cyber learning
    • ODL Creeping into the Traditional Classrooms
    • Next Generation Classrooms and Learning Space Designs
  • Ensuring and Enhancing Quality 
    • Quality Assurance Standards and Accreditation
    • Assessing ODL: Knowledge, Dispositions and Behavior
    • Appraisal of Teachers and other Human Resource in ODL
    • Enabling ODL Teachers and Educators
    • Human Resource Development and Management in ODL
    • Ethics in Cyber teaching and Learning
    • Challenges of Internationalizing Higher education through ODL
  • Lifelong Learning: Addressing Personal, Professional and Societal Development
    • Technology for educating Illiterates and neo literates
    • ODL for attaining SDGs
    • ODL as a game changer for the marginalized
    • Teaching 21st Century Cognitive processes through ODL
    • ODL from Technology Box to the Communities
    • Societal challenges: Reaching out to communities (Health and environment)
  • Challenges for Policy makers and Education Providers
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: New Challenges, New Horizons

Asian MOOCs Portal

Asian MOOCs are open online courses offered by member institutions of the
Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU). The Asian MOOCs website serves as a portal
for the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) focusing on open enrollment, massive
registration, learner-centered,flexible, multilingual, multimedia support, multi-platforms,
open license, and quality assurance of online courses.

Visit the Asian MOOCs Portal

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The University of the Philippines – Open University (UPOU) pioneered in online teaching and learning and continues to play a leading role in the study and practice of open learning and distance education in the Philippines. UPOU is envisioned as a leader in teaching and learning in the digital age, helping to equip Filipinos with the knowledge and skills they need for life and work in the 21st century. Visit Website

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