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Founded in 1987, the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) is a non-profit organization of higher learning institutions that are primarily concerned with open and distance education. It strives to widen the educational opportunities available to all people in Asia and to improve the quality of the institutions in terms of their educational management, teaching and research. It promotes education by distance teaching systems, as well as professional and ethical standards; develops potentialities of open and distance education; cooperates with official bodies and others directly or indirectly interested in education at a distance; and facilitates cooperation with other similar regional and international bodies.

The AAOU membership consists of Full and Associate members. Our members share a common belief that the development of distance education can be obtained through friendship and close exchanges among institutions of open higher learning.

The AAOU Annual Conference, hosted in turn by member institutions, is a stimulating forum for all those associated with open and distance learning in Asia, particularly academics, administrators and students. It provides a focal point for bringing everyone up to date on the issues, ideas and developments in the field of open distance learning.

Asian MOOCs Website

Asian MOOCs are open online courses offered by member institutions of the
Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU). The Asian MOOCs website serves as a portal for the
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) focusing on open enrollment, massive registration, learner-centered,
flexible, multilingual, multimedia support, multi-platforms, open license, and quality assurance of online courses.

Visit the Asian MOOCs Website

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The AAOU Journal serves as a forum for academics and practitioners to share their
expertise and experience in ODL. Researchers, academics, administrators, and
professionals in this area are welcome to submit papers to the Journal. Should you wish
to do so, please refer to the criteria and guidelines stated in this webpage. Manuscripts
which fulfill the criteria will be reviewed for possible publication.
The AAOU Staff Exchange Fellowship Program aims to provide a platform for capacity building and establish sustainable partnerships among open universities. Any AAOU member institution (donor) may contribute to the program by offering one or more short-term fellowships to staff from other member institutions (recipients) to spend up to one month at the donor institution in order to receive training, carry out an academic exchange or undertake a collaborative research project. All member institutions are welcome to participate in this initiative. Interested member institutions can refer to this webpage for a template for announcing a ‘Call for Applications’ and other details.
To share the latest knowledge, ideas, insights, and information in the field of ODL, the AAOU organizes web conferences. You may view our past events here.

Academics, scholars, and experts who wish to share useful and practical knowledge or skills on an ODL topic with our colleagues are invited to become our speakers and give a talk at an AAOU web conference. A speaker must be an expert in the area/field that he/she presents. If you are interested in sharing ODL topics with practitioners and scholars in the field, please send a proposal to us at and provide details of the contents to be shared in the web conference.

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The University of the Philippines – Open University (UPOU) pioneered in online teaching and learning and continues to play a leading role in the study and practice of open learning and distance education in the Philippines. UPOU is envisioned as a leader in teaching and learning in the digital age, helping to equip Filipinos with the knowledge and skills they need for life and work in the 21st century. Visit Website

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AAOU Secretariat, University of the Philippines Open University

Office of the Chancellor, UP Open University, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
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